Marie Allen

Marie Allen is a mixed-media artist, drawing inspiration from wild and ancient landscapes – Scotland, Wiltshire and the Border country of England / Wales, particularly where there are ancient monuments, standing stones and far horizons.

‘The themes in my paintings are to do with what is hidden, taking the viewer into the underworld, the layers in the history of the landscape, revealing archetypal symbols and marks that resonate with the deep unconscious in us all. For that reason I am drawn to ancient landscapes and standing stones, mountains and wild places. My aim in my work is to evoke an emotional response in the viewer, a sense of wonder and spirit of place’.

Marie paints intuitively, using bold and contrasting colour. At some point in the process there will be a moment where the painting starts to ‘talk back’ and a visual ‘conversation with landscape’ occurs.

‘I work on a series of paintings at the same time and begin with no end point in mind which allows each painting to develop its own unique history. I prefer to work on wooden panel which gives a resistance for mark making and many layers of paint. As layers build, using collage for texture, this tougher base allows me to sand and scrape back revealing previous colours and marks.’